Orchestra chair Tempo

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Product Description

• Tubular steel frames
• Leg frame 22mm x 1.4mm
• Back rest frame 16mm x 2mm
• Inner leg Teflon coated 19mm x 1.6mm
• 12mm springs for inner leg
• Nylon bushes for back rest adjustment
• Black commercial quality powdercoat finish.
• Orientation of the legs permits a series of
5 – 6 chairs to be stacked one above the other.
• Specially designed trolley capable of
accommodating six stacked chairs.


• Black fire retardant fabric
• HR4 high density fire retardant foam
• Black rubber edging to seat
• Plastic back cover on lumbar support
tempostol1• Flat upholstered seat to enable a range of positions and angles in relation to the back.
• Waterfall front section of the seat prevents restriction of blood supply in the lower legs,
• Slight curve in back support to provide comfort in a range of straight and rotated positions.

• Teflon coated seat height adjustment threaded screws
• Black chrome crank handles with nylon grip
• Bullet tip handle for back adjustment
• Plastic hand wheel for back rest adjustment
• Heavy duty nylon tube enclosures for feet

• Minimum seat height is 430mm (from floor to top the upholstery)
• Maximum seat height is 560mm (from floor top of the upholstery)
• Minimum back rest vertical is 340mm (from top of seat upholstery to top of back rest)
• Maximum back rest vertical is 400mm (from top of seat upholstery to top of back rest)
• Minimum back rest horizontal 360mm (from front of seat upholster to inside of back rest
• Maximum back rest horizontal is 440mm (from front of seat upholstery to inside of back rest)
• Mechanical adjustments for seat height in both front and back pairs of legs, allowing selective
adjustment in the length of the legs. By turning the crank each pair of legs can be simultaneously
adjusted to within 1mm of required height. Alternatively each pair of legs can be adjusted
individually enabling varying degrees of seat tilt, this can be achieved quickly and quietly without
putting the instrument down

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